Going Away… to Movies!

1st thing, I went to see two movies these days, the Descent and Snakes on a Plane, I personally like Snakes better because its some mixture of some freakyness and laughter. Its pretty funny I must say getting bite from Snakes. Lets just say they bite “Interesting parts” :D I’ll leave it up to your imagination or go watch the movie. Whereas the Descent is pure freakyness, you get freaked out from the beginning till end so… yar ‘-‘ its very freaky

Anyway, I’d be gone for awhile so …. you can stop lurkering my blog these few days ‘-‘ (unless I get to tap into some internet access, got my super Antenna with me to get some WiFi going!), bbl biatches!

2 Responses to “Going Away… to Movies!”

  1. Reiginsei says:

    You on vacation? Have fun ^^

  2. Maiev says:

    Yar I’m kinda on vacation. I need to just get out of my house and go on a trip further, plus game drama is very lame so its a good excuse to gtfo!

    Anyway thanks for dropping by!


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