Category : Quest/Mission

Mai Blue Artifact Armors!

Blu AF cut scenes are kinda cool, but hehe, dunno I like these two that I took. I won’t enlarge it, so it won’t spoil the log/storyline. After hours and hours of farming, Sumnydera and I finally got all the materials needed ‘~”, and hay!

Promathia fight ‘~”

Was bored, went to help Ogazn with Promathia fight, hehe, was fun definately, sometime fighting different thing is more fun than one stupid dragon that only knows how to wing.

Ding Windurst Rank 10!

First of all, Dota ppl are not gilsellers, they are too cute to be one ‘~”. Well if you know Klax, Rukky etc, they are the Dota ppl. Dota really stands for Defense of the Ancient, a mini-game in Warcraft 3 (The RTS game). Klax was some old-school PLD, back @ Lv60 rdm, he helped […]

Ciermel’s Blue Mage and Maiev [Animation!]

I’d love to help do quests, but I just nevvvver knew a quest like opening blue mage meant a lot to Ciermel. She made something secretly to me T.T I hope you all like it as much as I do. (Another way to enjoy the game xD) With the Music. Speaking of dead talu, dunno […]

Yay to Private First Class!

This was our last mission until we get a rank up! xDD Pretti easy I must say :). Assault.. um.. cool so far :) minus the hitting walls.