Ding Windurst Rank 10!

First of all, Dota ppl are not gilsellers, they are too cute to be one ‘~”. Well if you know Klax, Rukky etc, they are the Dota ppl. Dota really stands for Defense of the Ancient, a mini-game in Warcraft 3 (The RTS game).

Klax was some old-school PLD, back @ Lv60 rdm, he helped me with Eldieme Coffer keys ‘~”. He was PLD60/WHM30, i was like wtf taru pld :/ and had no idea how he kept hate… I wanted to be one but didn’t know why I didn’t do it ‘~”. Btw, a SS around 2 years ago maybe? xD Rank 10 Windy Mission.

Windurst, Rank 10, Klyx Klax, Maiev, Fenrir, FFXI Taru

I got a pearl today: TeamDota :o!

Anyway I’ve party with them today once again. Klax again held hate even if I open a CA Death Scissors for around 800 damage. TaluPld is jus.. amazing xD well Klax is :)

TeamDota, Klax, Klyx, 2box, Maiev FFXI, Fenrir

Oh yea, 1000 needles landed xD!

But ya we exp for so long, so tired, tat erm..

DotA, FFXI, 3boxing, FFXI Fenrir Taru

Anyway, after went to learn spells xD

Got Sandspray, Yawn and

Blue Magic, Frentic Rip, FFXI Taru Fenrir

Tried Spinal Cleave, :< no luck yet anyway, its been a tiring day, zz!

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