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Shantotto Figurine Prototype :o

A Prototype of Shantotto and Star Sybil! Whoa O.o Well credits to Otak, but she showed me these two awesome pic. It’s in da Paris expo atm :o Here’s other Windurst NPC that made it as a prototype. That stuff is awesome :O I want to take Shantotto home ^_^; and blow me up! (Or, […]

Duping Kraken Club: Success!

Kraken Club inside this box! Real Club comes in Real Boxes! For those that don’t know or haven’t been keeping up with Mai Blog, well there’s someone out there who can Dupe Kclubs! You can read more about it there. Well for me, I got myself a Real Kraken Club! There it goes, all my […]

Duping Kraken Clubs…

Damn…. duping Kclub for RMT!! I = this Guy. Quoting from the guy: I have recently come across a very reliable way to dupe Kraken Clubs, and I want to extend my newfound collection to the community, in the hopes of making some real-life cash in the exchange. Server doesn’t matter, I have plenty of […]

Art Contest is rly.. JP ONRY.

Caught in Surprise Cake in Progress! by P-Taru I’m pretty fucking amazed in this year’s top prize. Although some might have a different opinion and preference. But lets say at least, #1 was really #1, and there was no 3ds Grass and Ram as 2nd. #1 was kinda what SE likes to see… how I […]

Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection!

Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection!

Maiev and Otak by Lurazeda/Otak [Updated: No longer updated here, I’ve transferred all the art on these two posts to another blog] Note: Due to the size of this post, the post has to be truncated into two separate post. You could find the other part of this post here. Mai FFXI Fan Art […]