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DuckHUNT 3ds Linkshell Picture =)

I fail to get everyone to come on and take a real one… so I faked one out!! Mai Ducks! Every linkshell have their way of doing things, and so does ducks ^^ Unlike linkshells which are formed for the sole purpose of doing something or achieving something, ducks were formed from two separate social […]

Drawing MaiTalu (/w 15sec Vid)!

So like err.. a few nights ago, I was kinda bored from coding, went on to Daggy’s Paint Chat (Online version of Paint, but everyone can draw together) just to stare at something other than codes.. she was bored and was like “mmk lets draw your taru” lol… Took her literally.. only 5 minutes and […]

the StarOnion onto Version 3!

the StarOnion’s New Faceplate! Maiev’s very first blog! Version 1 It took quite awhile to get this thing sort of working. I guess its working ^^; but yea, I hope this is more eye pleasing, easier to both use and navigate! I pretty much totally annoy Daggy to draw the whole banner hehe, so something […]

Daggy’s Website + Humor Videos

Taking a little time off just to learn stuff. Gaming is fun but… can’t game for your whole life :/

Mandragora Plushies!

Cute Looking Mandy Plushies Mai First FFXI Plushies I love onions! I beat them up, skill up with them, even have a plushies for it! Pretty big :D I got it on eBay for 40 + shipping ‘.’! Its rare spawn but the quality on it is really nice. If you’re thinking of some nice […]