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DaggyInk, LovelyDagger

Working on New Websites!

Need Quiet Time to be Creative!

To do productive things! I actually haven’t been playing WoW or FFXI xD, just Zelda and working on website codes!

Not done but… got the skeleton going xD!

Pretty sure my WoW GM (Guild Master) don’t wanna know this xD, I’m suppose to read strategy when I’m not playing and teach others how to fight.. meh…

Something sleek soon :O I’m lovin it myself xD! I actually have to do Tazo, Daggy and my own =P I’m doing Daggy’s for fun though xD I just ask if she wanted a website to kinda make things a bit more organized xD Still cleaning up the code, the theme you’re looking at… are made with messed up codes =P This one is much more organized :D

Anyway, if you got a few moments and are bored, I got some pretty amazing vids below!

Human LCD (Thanks to Istari for this link, its pretty freaking amazing…)

Samsung’s Human LCD :D You can watch it here.

Another similar video here.

Now.. Japanese Human Art… pretty amazing lul! (Thanks to Daggy for these ones =P)

Awesome Japanese Art. You can view it here.

Two other similar video (which I thought it was good), can be found here (Lake Reflection) and here (Dragonball).

And the image in the end is not work safe… well might be misleading, not entirely not work safe. Its to test if you have a Dirty Mind.

Update later! Oh ugh.. kinda surfing for web hosts too… since I don’t really want Tazo’s kids to think there’s no homework cuz my hosts are getting frequent timeouts!

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