Mandragora Plushies!

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Cute Looking Mandy Plushies

Mai First FFXI Plushies

I love onions! I beat them up, skill up with them, even have a plushies for it!

Pretty big :D I got it on eBay for 40 + shipping ‘.’! Its rare spawn but the quality on it is really nice. If you’re thinking of some nice presents for some FF friends, this would be a good one :)

I used to be all about “high-tech”, that’s high school, my room was running like Windows servers.. palm hardware everywhere, laptop tools, pirated software and… it looks kinda boring so… now I have random pictures, drawings (mostly Daggy’s lol), plushies to make the environment not so… “boring” :) if you know what I mean ^_^

Oh yea, thx for those that sends me tell and find some stuff here resourceful. I might not be active (according to ffxiah) but I still love the game ^_^ eg. I ordered Mandys :)

You’re going to get one too? :)

Btw, the job “Dancer” actually existed back then in FF Tactics, here is a list of jobs that was in that game! (For those like me, who haven’t played, but want a good grasp of what it really does)

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  1. Sofo says:

    Heh, that looks really cool! I should get some mandy plushy too though my PC room isn’t as serious because it acts as a living room (Tv, sofas etc -these lasts do really well for laying down between windows!)

    Ship me one@Spain~!


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