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Been Awhile!

I got lazy about keeping this updated but there’s maitnance today and my tv isnt working so yeah here goes… let me think. Here is a few things i’ve picked up since the last time i made an update! Obow took a whole day of camping, first pop yeilded nothing good then later we went […]

Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

He is soft >.>b

Novia for Ciermel!

woot!! cc got the winning lot for novia earring from JoL !! CongratsssS!!!! (me wanna borrow it ^_^!!) cc is a pimp blm!! look at those matching novio/a!! btw we’ve been getting better at killing JoL with really little deaths as possible. and we seem to cut down our time by like 2/3. so that’s […]

Death from above to Rukenshin

I’m still alive … somehow, but I haven’t had any time to play FFXI yet XD soon though, I hope I will be back. I still have to MPK Rukenshin, and watch WHM Demepane swinging her Bravura. Soon!

Another Wedding for Shayx/Drguinnessx

Apparently i got lucky twice!! here’s another one of my application that went through for shayx and drguinnessx. it’s in a different area from where i applied jingex and ravy so i cant wait ^_^!! i’m like the JLo of our LS lol (reference from the Wedding Planner)