Been Awhile!

I got lazy about keeping this updated but there’s maitnance today and my tv isnt working so yeah here goes… let me think. Here is a few things i’ve picked up since the last time i made an update!

Obow took a whole day of camping, first pop yeilded nothing good then later we went back and got the drop! the second time poor samno took an EES to the face and ate some sand, but i’m sure he would agree that me getting the bow was worth it……. right?
I finally got far enough ahead in points in dynamis to ffa me some rdm feet! go me! i love them i’m so happy and i still have enough points to ffa one more thing and keep my tier. woot^^
And omg, blm dropped. for the first time in what feels like years. i’m still only 1/2 and i’ll have to compete against huggs when the second piece drops which makes me very sad, i don’t know if i can do it.

lawl my ring right? i figured situationally i could use magic acc on three jobs (rdm blm brd) and att. and acc on one (thf) and the rng one would be great, for a while, and then for what? capped events? didn’t seem worth it although until the actual picking i was confident i would be getting the rng one. plus i do assault still and if i ever do salvage, i’d be sorry i hadn’t picked it up. so i made my choice. the crown has found a home on my mannequin, i couldn’t bring myself to drop it when i was doing spring cleaning, and the flag i hung up of course, i’m a fiend for more storage spots.

the last fights themselves went really well, for the second last we had to reconfigure when we wiped on the first try, the gears are so annoying, they won’t sleep, they’ll rarely lullaby and overall its just a frustrating mess, then when you get to the final form, the soulflayer, its laughably easy. the alexander fight i think our biggest enemy was the clock we just barely got him down in time, his stupid healing and rediculous defense. the blu was easy as anything, melee first round, nuke second round, completely destroy final round, but that castle argh, it probably didn’t help when i pulled hate and accidently let loose an aoe on the mages. silly me. but we won that fight first try which was awesome alot of people need a few tries and we were really happy.

but here is the best thing i’ve picked up….

ok the best thing i’ve picked up definitely, but also quite the strain on the wallet. credit for this goes to kylex :) he found the guy and made the deal to get it for me for what i was willing to pay. thank you if i haven’t said it enough.

so now i’m trying to think of things that i could sell as my rng slowly edges up in lvls (50 now, who wants some af fun?? anyone….?) and here’s what i’ve been thinking. theres not that much my rng will need really, a kreigsbeil, and a qiqirin collar and the big price items i think. i’ll most likely skip triumph earrings and i only have one flame ring but i think that will be ok, for a while at least. so i could sell my vermy if i had too, its certainly nice to have on rdm and brd but definatly not necissary. i bought it when i thought i’d level smn and now i know i won’t be doing that. and probably not blu either. and also i could sell my noble’s tunic. its obviously the greatest thing for whm, but a blessed body is only 70k and i dont really like whm all that much. i mean i don’t mind playing it when its needed, but i don’t run around going ‘can i go whm?? please??’ and now that rdm is 75 (dinged this weekend tyty) i’ll try to use that over whm whenever i can.

still no thf hands, although tavnazia is tomorrow (good luck getting them to drop there) and xarc on sunday, thats two chances in one week. i’d love to get them and be done. sigh. dynamis is sometimes frustrating, trying to rally the blms can on occasion be like trying to rally really forgetful cattle. ‘guys do this’ lasts about five minutes and i’m back to square one. it’s not always that bad but some days i feel like walking into a wall would be more productive. and then i feel like if something goes wrong they’re looking at me wondering why i didnt say something. maybe i’m just not being aggressive enough, but i dont want to be bitchy. huggs is the biggest sweetheart ever and they listen to her. i’ll discover the trick yet, i’m sure.

Sky has been going pretty well, jet got an N body for his war and i’ll be getting W.hands next time they drop. they’re a macro piece for rdm but will be great to have when rng hits the lvl. i like this ls letting you lot the money items if you have enough points and show up to the weeks farming run. and i’m really hoping kylex will get his hiadate soon, and cheshire too.

i think we’re going to mana burn tonight which is good, my blm buffer makes me a sad panda, i’m not about to delevel or anything but why push it right? :)

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