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New Equip! Marduk Set for Bard O.o

I don’t usually pay much attention to the clothes in FF, but people on vent after the new update has made me take a look at this new set. The Sha’ir set (+24CHR) and the Opo-Opo crown (+7CHR) that I’m using now is +31CHR, and this new set is also +31CHR … I guess the […]

Aloha Al’Taiu!

I’m very happy to say that Tazo’s ship has made it out to SEA! :)¬† These were taken by Yusuisum and they looked awesome at 1900×600 resolution. I wish I could take pictures like that :(. I’m not sure how to fix my FF resolution without messing it up. (If it’s not broken, don’t fix […]

I hate camping NM’s!!!

Am I just a slave to gaming world? After pulling an all nighter because of FF-induced procrastination (read: merit parties, and my last dynamis flag!). I still managed to finish a really nice design project for psychology (I’m a Type-A personality), so it can’t be just half-a** done, it has to be full-a**! I stayed […]

Corsair Clothes so pretty :O!

ahhhh.. i know, i know… I haven’t written anything for the past days, maybe weeks. My excuse? Meeeh,,, maybe nothing special to write about >.< Actually i have been busy a bit, just nothing very special or a long line of thought to be published. So, what's the difference now? I will reveal at the […]

Something about Saykura!

It seems like the busier I am, the more time I spend procrastinating! I think it’s a habit I picked up from Maiev (*cough…go study please..*cough.. Graduation {Do you need it?}) I’m very very excited and thankful to be part of†the new DuckHunt! (though,†Ogazn will always be my first†