Corsair Clothes so pretty :O!

ahhhh.. i know, i know… I haven’t written anything for the past days, maybe weeks. My excuse? Meeeh,,, maybe nothing special to write about >.< Actually i have been busy a bit, just nothing very special or a long line of thought to be published. So, what's the difference now? I will reveal at the end :).

Ciermel, Corsair, FFXI TaruTaru Fenrir

Well, lately I am busy with my war… taking from level 32 to a level 48 was not bad actually. There are days I get invite almost without lfg even, and the sucky days took me all day lfg but no party at all… yeah, that sucked. But overall, It was fun for me especially now that I play FF12 while lfg, it keeps my frustrations at bay. ^^ I did not partake my af1 weapon�quest til I was 48, and I dragged Lab, Trey, Zing, Remintalu and Rmaj�to the relms of Davoi.�Once I popped the 2 NM Orcs, we just go at it, we pwned them ez. Hence, having acquired my Razor Axe, thanks guys. :D

Apparently, my Sea LS fought the Jailer of Prudence as an alliance. We got 2 pops at that time and a full alliance too. Normally, I come as whm during sea farming but I think I was requested to come as blm/rdm at that time. After some time, it died and dropped a Prudence Rod. It’s not the best club for blm but it’s a nice weapon to have so i tried my luck with lotting… and what do you know, I won! Do I use it you asked? Of course I do, I actually equip it during my assault mission “Excavation Duty”. It beats having to change staff every spell plus it does decent magic attack too without using the elemental staves.

Istari, Ciermel, FFXI TaruTaru of Fenrir

Well, after 3 years of dynamis ( die-namis ), I finally got a full set of relic whm equipment -� hurray !!! I was actually debating whether to save my points for the blm hat or use it to complete whm, now, I am glad�I did used my points. One logical reason is eventhough I will use my points to win the lot, my standing on blm hat lotting doesn’t change. Plus, if i do get the hat, which is my last piece, I no longer have to worry about getting it sooner…. for in my experience, the hat relic is a rare drop >.< Now, you ask me, how good is the whm relic? The legs af have enhancing magic +10 so that increases bar spells and buffs. The body on the other hand have Refresh added effect like the Nobles which is good to have and it also enhances your Regen spell..... I actually have this body macroed whenever I cast Regen III. The feet provides increased healing skill too not too bad when you want to save the tank's life ^^� Overall, it's a good piece to have.

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  1. Johnny says:

    woot! Just read your blog ^^ i like the graphics and its cool hearing about what youve done ^^ congratz

    Xanadalf (Remora server) ^^

  2. Ciermel says:

    Hey Johnny, thanks for the compliment and hope yo hear from you always, take care ^^

  3. Aurelius says:

    I’m suprised by your determination and dedication to this site Ciermel, congratz lol. (Most people would’ve given up by now)

  4. Jowah says:

    Jowah’s starting to stalk!

  5. raidenn says:

    Hi , I love your layout, the font is a little difficult to read though.
    That includes the comment font colors too.

  6. wvx teens dcq says:

    ?That?s alright go ahead?
    p.s ilhensuwvg
    p.p.s edyg8r7fh987erhfs8v


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