Something about Saykura!

It seems like the busier I am, the more time I spend procrastinating! I think it’s a habit I picked up from Maiev (*cough…go study please..*cough.. Graduation {Do you need it?}) I’m very very excited and thankful to be part of�the new DuckHunt! (though,�Ogazn will always be my first�<3!) . Last night I participated in a LS Ballista for the first time, and stayed up until 2am ; ;! But it was so so cool XD. It reminded me of laser tag, paint ball, and capture the flag. I died very horrible deaths the first few rounds ; ; meanies beat up my cutetaru! But, later on I started sleeping people on the other team which was very fun. I hope we get to do it again soon ^^. Other in game stuff: I'm being thrown into Sea - literally. Thanks to Maiev who's been helping me play Tazo to stay in CoP-static when I am doing school stuff and taping the process for me :)! *In Response to Mai/Ashiya's Posts* I'm in a class right now that's covering a unit on how to teach SexEd to teenagers (STDs), so I think this analogy is applicable to the "Saykura Case". You wouldn't just have sex with just anyone, correct? Unless you were into that business or a whore. (I define prostitution and excess-promiscuous behaviour differently.) It's even in the subway ad's in Toronto - "There's a new virus going around, use LifeStyles for virus protection." If you have unprotected sexual activity, you have a higher likelihood to catch a sexually transmitted disease. You have to be careful of who your partners are and where they have been, so I guess in Saykura's unfortunate case, Shidokai had AIDs. This isn't the one that's on the subway, but it's cute nontheless.

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  1. Maiev says:

    which one do I need to use O.o

  2. Tazo says:

    o.O Err…. ….. /random?


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