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STR and AGI, which for Lv75 Rng?

Assuming that you have an abundant amount of ranged accuracy, so adding AGI will not help much more with regards to your ranged hit rate – number of arrows hit / total number of arrows fired. Also assuming the increases in STR and AGI can be equivalently found from the same slot of armor, just […]

Ashiya’s New Blog on the StarOnion!

I have been asked by quite a few people for ranger advices, so I decided (with Maitalu’s suggestion too!) I should start writing a new blog about my ranger knowledge and my progression with my bow. Please take note that what I will be writing has been intrigued and discovered by many other rangers, most […]

FFXI to RL – Tazo’s Bday, Daggy’s Poster!

Lawl, tazo & connie’s bday :) this girl’s getting older!! and zomg soon goin teach little kids English and Math :O! Connie’s been a really great friend to me :o. Life would have been significantly differentt if she wasn’t around. I’d probably be already dead from starvation if she didn’t feed me during HNM camps […]


I used to play this game with my friend Hollam in Summer ’06 . . . our highest level we ever got was Level 12. This game is a very very addictive version of whack-a-mole, that uses your NUMpad. The rules get harder as you go, and it’s really a lot of fun. This game […]

Seasons Greetings Vana’diel from Tazo

Wishing all the Merry Adventurers a Happy Holiday season, Health & Happiness in the New Year, and a Fun & Prosperous 2007 in FFXI!!!