Ashiya’s New Blog on the StarOnion!

I have been asked by quite a few people for ranger advices, so I decided (with Maitalu’s suggestion too!) I should start writing a new blog about my ranger knowledge and my progression with my bow. Please take note that what I will be writing has been intrigued and discovered by many other rangers, most noticeable Vrytreya on Pandemonium server. His work has been one of the best guidelines for every ranger to follow.

Ranger has always been my most favourite job in the game. There are many things that Ranger can do besides just being a pure damage dealer. Of course, damage dealing is always the main reason every would level Ranger. But if you really love Ranger, try things that are more challenging than just popping a 3K Sidewinder on a flying monster. Stuffs such as soloing Gration or Golden-Tongued Tonberry are always great additions to your Ranger’s accomplishment.

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