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Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;

Jowah’s ffxi cosplay piccies! Sooo adorable so go see it –> Trying to burn KS I didn’t really sponser any KS99 back when I was in Omen, didn’t really need the gil back then so now… I have nearly 4.8 stacks of KS. Went to ask around and ugh.. Scraggy told me about the Scarlet […]

Unbreakables HNM –> GuessWho Social LS?!

OMG I think I fell in love with drawing! Yes ; I’m surrounding with good artist, all produce amazing artwork and… now I’m interested in drawing! After talking to Farkee and Daggy, I really want to learn how to draw good. So I’m going to start learning about it.. don’t know if its too late […]