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Polearm Samurai, Gimp or Buff?

Edit: An update to this post is at the bottom of this entry. Yep, enough outparsing a lot of people :< This will end today ; ; Exping in Polearm… now dead? ; ; Penta Thrust Thought Adjustment to Penta Thrust: – Penta Thrust Damage varies with TP >> Accuracy varies with TP Under normal […]

Merit Spree, Exp and Salvages!

FFXI Updates & Adventuring! So what did I do?! Some Turtle KS99, some Gods, and finally got a pair of Haidate for Nephtis. Speaking of sky, have you ever seen light weather in Sky? the Sky is so pretty itself!! omg :o I haven’t seen it ^^; Regardless, I’m trying to finish a few Black […]

From FFXI Fan Art to RL Poster!

Daggy Poster #2 Yep, another Daggy’s artwork printed on poster :o! More exercise for my eyeballs now! So I don’t just stare @ the LCD screen! I know… its already on the wallpaper, but seeing it in BIG SIZE is pretty nice too ‘.’ That poster is actually 36″ in width and 24″ in height, […]

KS99, Exping, Jar and Exping!

I know I know :( Its been awhile, well that’s because I’ve been kinda taking my blogging time to WoWing it up! I’m not taking my FFXI time to WoWing it up, just taking my Blogging time. FFXI’s still fun to a certain extent. I still goto all LS events, to keep it running ^_^; […]

Einherjar Rocked!

So we did In-her-jar tonight. Rocked :) Last one was close too! We did Rossweisse Chamber! We got hounds and birds today! Rape the hounds, the random-pop NM and pull the boss. This boss took roughly 12 minutes. We had our KC dark as usual and the HP didn’t even dent lol! He did use […]