Merit Spree, Exp and Salvages!

FFXI Updates & Adventuring!

So what did I do?! Some Turtle KS99, some Gods, and finally got a pair of Haidate for Nephtis.

KS99 Turtle, Fenrir, DuckHUNT, Maiev, TacticsTu'Lia, Sky, FFXI Light, Beautiful Screenshot of Maiev Taru on Fenrir, DuckHUNT

Speaking of sky, have you ever seen light weather in Sky? the Sky is so pretty itself!! omg :o I haven’t seen it ^^; Regardless, I’m trying to finish a few Black Belts for my LS mnks, but they just aren’t dropping (well one dropped, but Sibe wanted to keep it for his future mnk). Wish it dropped on the right orb, regardless…

Oh, I did give ducks a one week break this week ^^;, literally no events except Limbus ^^ Thought that’d be nice to just let members to chill out, exp and go out watch movies!!

Other stuff I did um…

Tazo, Connie and Maiev Exping, DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Bard and Red Mage

Exping!! I FINISH ALL MY MERITS TOO!!!! and also.. enjoy FFXI graphics (lol). Well speaking of Exp, I still got my “Merit Buffer”, the 10/10 and 9999/10000 left, but I’m saving that with Tazo and the new “Grip” coming out, can own even more!! I can’t wait ^_^;

And also…

Salvage with Jackalman / Slycer. Long story short, Kupo peaced out from this shell (running their own Salvage), so ducks now go with Lagsave! I don’t really want to go into the details about drama. I’ll leave it at that :)

Pictures Randomness

Just a few pictures that I thought worthwhile to share!

Don’t piss off an engineer, else your cheques looks like this one xD

Engineer, Humor, Pissed Off, Cheques, Verizon Communications

Um… another use of Dual Wielding… so you can eat lol ‘.’

WoW, Dual Wield, Comics, Humor, Tauren, LOL

You know sometimes you send mis-tells because someone “send you a tell” during your conversation? This is just a cartoon for it!

WoW, Mis Tell, Comics, Humor, Undead, Night Elf, Tauren, LOL Funny


Humor, Nothing Receipt, 50 Dollars, Rip Off

Movies IRL

A lot of good movie these days.. watched like 8 movies in the last 4 weeks… so here’s the list

Bourne Ultimatum, Die Hard, Fantastic Four, Harry Potter, Knocked Up, Ratatouille, The Simpsons, and Transformers. Its a shame that I watched Die Hard at home ‘.’, but the rest was in Theatres :) I’d have to say out of all the movies I’ve watched… I liked… Ratatouille the most!

Ratatouille (My Favorite)

Ratatouille the Movie

Its really nice how the story is about a rat being a chef. It revolves around how a human build a relationship with one of the most hatred little create on Earth – Rats. I thought everything was nicely paced. There was a lot of laughter in the theatre! The jokes were mostly “silly” type, not like those one that tries to mock things.

Seeing a rat cooking is pretty amazing…

Ratatouille the Movie, Spraying Salt

As expected from Pixar, the movie graphics is so lively, detail and amazingly animated. Sorry to those transformers fan, but Ratatouille’s graphics was much better imo. LOL to searching a place to “hide” the rat… Rat in your pants… I don’t wanna imagine that…

Ratatouille the Movie, Hiding Inside Pants

2nd & 3rd goes to, Bourne Ultimatum and Knocked Up!

Die hard was close, but I think Bourne was better. Its another conspiracy movie, but you don’t need to watch the prior episodes to understand this third one, because I didn’t! But this one WILL spoil the last 2, so if you want the full enjoyment from Bourne, better watch the first and second before you go watch the third. Lots of seeds out there ;)

In general, I like the story of Bourne Ultimatum, better than.. the Departed imo ;) Yea I know… Academy Award.. I don’t think the Departed deserved the award imo ;)

Knocked up is…a comedy movie. Not too American-Culture heavy, at least an English as Second Language person like me understood the movie ^^. The language used was definately funny and to be honest, I liked it a lot. Jokes aren’t hard to understand, requires just a little bit in American culture.


I’d say if I were to rank them, it would be like this…

  1. Ratatouille
  2. Bourne Ultimatum
  3. Knocked Up
  4. Die Hard (nice graphics, the plot was ok, same as their last one and ending was reasonable)
  5. The Simpsons (it was a good movie, just that there was better ones, but didn’t require American culture at all to understand this movie, just a little bit knowledge in movies, because it mocks them)
  6. Transformers (I didn’t really like it, especially the part how the humans and the alien build their relationship and trust so quickly. Ratatouille took it at the right pace imo)
  7. Harry Potter (I fell asleep, again and again, even my roomate did)
  8. Fantastic Crap (the ending is pure horrible, you feel you wasted two hour of your life!)

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