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Majeev’s a Pretty Good Hunter =)

Mai’s actually a Good Hunter? So since I grad (May 07), I have been WoWing whenever I have a few seconds of my time. I still play FFXI (although my FFXIAH history does’t say so lol), but days like Sunday where there’s no events, I go and play WoW! Well… not that I don’t want […]

Raiding in WoW (Explained in FF Language)

The WoW End-Game Experience Raiding in World of Warcraft ^^; WoW end-game is about Raids. Not camping HNM or farming gold, just Raids! Raids is anything above a party requirement (FFXI is 6 for party, WoW is 5). When you are in a raid (or alliance equilvalent in FFXI), you gain significant less exp, but […]

Experience World of Warcraft in FFXI! (FFXI vs WoW)

Majeev 70 Hunter on Gurubashi PvP Nooo its not bragging about my 1337 equipment! This is a review from a FFXI player about their WoW experience, in FFXI language! I ding 70 around two weeks ago~ I was just um.. doing all sorts of stuff and busy with life so… didn’t really had the time […]

Jailers, DuckHUNT PvP, Lvling WoW Hunter!

Some random updates Spent a bit of time making something different. Its “Wings of the Goddess” soon, so thought I’d use some of the new screenshots as background for the portal. I wanted to use 3ds to render these images, but then I recently upgraded my hard drive, so the program won’t run :/ I […]