Majeev’s a Pretty Good Hunter =)

Mai’s actually a Good Hunter?

So since I grad (May 07), I have been WoWing whenever I have a few seconds of my time. I still play FFXI (although my FFXIAH history does’t say so lol), but days like Sunday where there’s no events, I go and play WoW!

Well… not that I don’t want to play FFXI, but there’s literally nothing to do… I wish I can still Exp… anyway…

Like any other day, I start my day off with some Daily Quest for some easy gold (take it as.. farming Spider Web for some easy money) while LFPing for an Instance (Party in FFXI). I wanted to cap Thrallmar Rep to buy an Epic Bow (kind of like.. you need to have a certain fame to start a Moogle Quest, but in WoW, fame also allows you to buy certain items). I was in my Shattered Halls party, just doing my usual job and I got a whisper (tell in FFXI).

A whisper from Grunpybear. (Link leads to Armory, in Guild/LS: Madhouse, ~247 ppl)

Maiev, WoW, Hunter

Oww not sucking!

I was a bit surprised.. I mean I can’t be that good for playing … WoW for 4 months? I think I got these whispers like 3 times already but.. I just think they had a bad hunter, so making me more appealing… okay, fair enough~ (Contrast error =P)

These are “pugs”, meaning “public groups”. Just like FFXI, partying with LS members usually work out better, since everyone gives you comment as a way to improve each other’s damage / or encourage friendly competition. So “pugs” in WoW are known for “bad experience”, similar to FFXI! I guess it was a bit different for him today ;) Anyway..

I seek again for… Steamvault because I need a piece of item from there too (just for experiment), again doing my usual job, kill bosses, pull and just push damage while trapping stuff… party ended. Saying goodbye just to be polite and..

A whisper from Anaaroch. (Link leads to Armory, in Guild/LS: The Obsidian, ~215 ppl)

Maiev, WoW, Hunter, Good Comments

Yay another good comment!

So yea :) We finish partying and the dude ask if this was my “Alt”, meaning (Alternative character, other jobs). Obviously not… my only job/class. So I guess I played exceptionally well… to deserve a whisper after when the party is done, and wanting to invite me to an organized guild that does Raids only.

Besides, I already have a guild =P and they knew that :) They want me to jump ship? 8-P

Anyway.. 2 of these in a single day, it really made my day. Sounded like I master this class already, well this spec (Beast Mastery) for now. Of course if I goto Raids, I’d spec (change my merits) to something that benefits the whole Raid (benefits the whole alliance in FFXI).

So yea.. conclusion is… WoW isn’t hard, and it took me literally only 4 months to master it, to the stage I get whispers (tells) about exceptional performance, 2 in a day :).

If you didn’t notice, my pet is call KrakenClub =P

Conclusion: WoW isn’t hard to master at all, as long as you put time into researching, you will stand out from the crowd. You would think WoW’s been out for 4 years, that people should be very knowledgeable! Apparently that’s not the case :)

If you ask me if I’m good, nope, there’s still micro management that I could do, to maximize higher damage. But “At least I don’t Suck…” like the title say :)

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