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Some random updates

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Spent a bit of time making something different. Its “Wings of the Goddess” soon, so thought I’d use some of the new screenshots as background for the portal.

I wanted to use 3ds to render these images, but then I recently upgraded my hard drive, so the program won’t run :/ I do plan to do some reformat soon so… will get it working shoon!

Those bazaar bags actually works! It links to FFXIAH ;) So you CAN check our bazaars lol…

Updated forum, blog.. server cleanup, backup… took a day basically lol!

DuckHUNT's Jailer of Justice in FFXI of Fenrir

Jailer of Justice with DuckHUNT

What about Ducks?

Apart from some drama (its gone now), we’ve been getting owned left and right…

Our last 6 Justice and 5 Hope didn’t drop crap ‘.’, someone in ducks is carrying a curse… not to mention our last 10th Temp Jailer, last 10 Faith… all nuffin.. Oh yea, those capes NM too, nuffin

Sea don’t drop shit, and ducks are really well aware of that line. lol! Our Motto is

“Sea actually drops stuff??!” or “Sea drops Torque? I thought they only drop Jailer weapons”. To be honest, the last Torque we got was.. Tazo’s torque… March 07…

Accidents do happen, such as an astral flow, but take a closer look at the chat log.
“Maiev uses Chainspell.”
“Maiev starts casting Reraise”

FFXI Limbus, Temenos Omega, Maiev of Fenrir

Limbus with DuckHUNT :D! Dead…

“Maiev casts Reraise”
“Maiev gains the effect of Reraise”
“Maiev was defeated by Elemental”

Perfect 2hr :)

Ducks PvP

LS events doesn’t always have to be “Kill stuff, kill more stuff, even more stuff”, but can be some “Lets have some fun”, so yea, last Thursday was our LS PvP day, honestly I’m not really a fan of FFXI PvP after playing WoW, but killing people you know still fun!

FFXI PvP, Maiev DuckHUNT of Fenrir

Fukin got Pwnt in PvP

A video coming up! (80% done, showed a few already), and yea… being LS leader sometimes get a few more ganks ._. or screenshot of “So and so defeats Maiev” and this was one of it.

I was frapsing most of the time so… was kinda under a bit of lag :/ could have reacted faster but oh well!

So what about WoW?


My friend Daggy already returned to FFXI after playing WoW for a little over um… 6 months ‘.’

Her reason: bored of WoW already. I’ll go into explaining how it could be boring sometime soon as compared to FFXI, but one way of putting it is…

Daggy, LovelyDagger that also plays WoW

DaggyInk the Artist :D

If you aren’t into PvPing, you’re missing half of the fun that’s offered in WoW. Again this is just my opinion. She doesn’t really particpiate PvP, just doing instance really with friends so yea… lol

Anyway, my WoW report now!

World of Warcraft Update

SS Opening: Beautiful Nagrand SS :)

I still play, when I have time… or need a break from FFXI. 68.5 Hunters atm! Jayashaya from Fenrir is also playing with me (as you see from SS), its nice!

So I’m exploring WoW’s expansion area, and a few days ago I started leveling in “Nagrand”, since its expansion, and got waterfall and floating island, it reminds me of “Tu’Lia”. Its very pretty imo.

Note: Those original SS is in 1920 x 1200 (my screen resolution), so will need to scroll.

WoW Nagrand, Very Beautiful Scenery

Nagrand in WoW, So Beautiful :D

This is in “Outland”, a territory outside of Azeroth (kinda like Mars and Earth), so the sky is showing some “outer space” stuff!

We usually play like 3-4hrs after Jayashaya gets off work, and honestly, WoW isn’t time demanding, a few hours per day, over a course of 6 weeks, almost 70! (Equilvalent to FFXI 75)

Wings of the Goddess’ (Fly back in time approach) in WoW

A few days ago, I did this instance call “Caverns of Time“, its a really nice and popular instance, where you “take a role of Alliance, travel 7 years back and save our leader from the Alliance stronghold”.

Here’s a beautiful SS of flying into the Instance – Caverns of Time.

Caverns of Time in World of Warcraft, WoW, Flying Into the Instance

Caverns of Time in WoW, Flying into it :D

Treat it like Dynamis, but got a story behind it (Well dynamis too, but the difference is, you actually “take part” in the story in battle mode”. I really like their approach in travelling back in time. I don’t know if Wings of the Goddess will take this approach, but to me they are probably taking the Zelda’s Link to the Past approach, where you can teleport back and forth between past and future (dark world and light world).

Regardless, Caverns of Time was funny and was a blast for me. By far the best instance ever. Underbog was nice (where you have to swim down a lake to enter the instance, that was cool!). Two screenshots from Caverns of Time.

Flying through the time portal, travelling back in time.

Already in the instance, escorting Thrall out of his Jail and to his Freedom (on the way, slaying all the mofos that jailed him lol!)

Next Entry: Vid of PvP, Lagsave Salvage progress :)

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