WoW: Little bit of Ulduar fun!

The Ulduar Trailer

Lets start off the good stuff. The trailer to this “free WoW Patch”!

Pretty epic huh. Well its not like the epic Blizzard-quality trailer, but it’d do the trick. I have to agree.. Alliance are PIGS! I’d never work with the stupid Alliance such as Etain :o So err…who will help Jaina? Now I feel like Raiding! (btw, Jaina Proudmoore in FFXI) XD

WoW, Ulduar, Patch 3.1

World of Warcraft: Ulduar Patch 3.1!

Holding Short, Ready to Take Off!!

Ready? xD There are a TON of changes, Hunter readjustments, so I got to take out my calculator and my brain and start doing some math/thinking again of how I am going to push/maintain maximum deeps.

For a Hunter, there are numerous changes. But for now, we’ll keep it at that… since I can’t say I found a way to weave out the high dps – consistently. It’s too early to say I already got the hang of the updates, but I will have excel sheets, calculator out and a lot of visits to the ALLIANCE test dummy (I’ll just imagine I’m shooting at Etain) to ensure everything’s working smoothly and great.

I did thought/plan out my Raid PvE Talent Tree. I am not sure if I will have PvE/PvP or 2x PvE Talent Trees… but in the process of thinking.

Well.. topping the meter again will take some time and effort, since the whole class changed.. but what I can do is review the Ulduar Raid – the beginning part :)

Ulduar Entrance, Shantotto, Siege Weapon

Siege Weapon lying around waiting for you!

Inside the World of Ulduar (In FF Lang)

I have to say I was extremely satisfied with the free downloadable content that Blizzard released for Patch 3.1! Although there were times such as server down while in Raids so we all turned into ghosts, but for the most part, we had fun! After a quick preparation of charming my new high-dps pet, my guild and I went to check out this latest raid :D

The Ulduar Raid is a 10/25 player Raid. It’s definitely got a much more epic entrance than Salvage. The structure are like damn huge… at least in comparison to my tiny blood elf!

There are a few different types of siege engines you can pick. There are the demolisher, the steam engine and… the bike. They are VERY fun to play with.

The first is the demolisher. It’s a 2 man vehicle that requires a Driver and a Weapon Officer. The driver can control basic weapon such as the bomb projectile launcher, shield etc, but the fun part about that vehicle is it’s got a “Launcher” where you used your “Weapon Officer” as the projectile. Yes.. you shoot the player out LOL!

Vehicle Bike, Ulduar, WoW

The Bike Vehicle in WoW’s 3.1 Ulduar!

The Bike, a 2 man vehicle which you see here, is one fast skinny moving vehicle best with front-line jobs. They have AoE Gravity (Tar), a Cone-shaped weapon, healing abilities and also an afterburner. It makes it the perfect toy to go up to the frontline very quick, drop some Tar to slow all enemies down, then race back out with the afterburner. It’s also nice for the bike to pick up friends who got shot as a catapult. Bikes play a different role in boss :D We’ll go into that in a bit.

I was on the bike for a bit, but even clearing trash mobs was quite some fun. You are suppose to go up frontline but at the same time, a bunch of air bomb are dropping :D So you kinda need to dodge a little (not a lot of damage if you land on one, but they add up). Here’s my bike going through enemy lines dropping some tar.

Flame Leviathan, WoW, Patch 3.1, Boss

Launching people instead of rockets :D!

Then there’s the Savaged Steam Engine. I was the Weapon Officer there and it’s got Projectile Bomb, Ground to Air Artillery Missiles and Shields. On our way there, you first started off with ground troops, which everyone can hit. Later on, you start getting ROFLCOPTER coming in. That’s when a little teamwork comes into play. Those that got Anti-Air Artillery should be shooting air, while the rest of us who can’t shoot air go shoot ground. I wasn’t on, but damn those roflcopter hurts :x See those blue stuff? They are a lot of bullets if you zoom close up.


Its one amazing boss. First of all, the bikers have their own job. Marine will come out start smashing and it’s the biker’s role is to take them out, and dump Tar to slow em and the boss down. That’s okay… now the fun part is

Emblem of Conquest, WoW, Ulduar

Emblem of Conquest! Yay! ^_^;

There are troops at the top of a balcony from time to time with rocket launcher shooting high-damage Missiles to your Siege weapons. So the driver got to load his cannon with a player, AIM GOOD and shoot them up to the balcony to take out those rocket launcher guys. HA HA HA~ As you see in this SS, our guildies are using their parachute to get back down!

After they land, they better hop into a vehicle quick before they get rolled over / shot down! We make sure there are empty spaces in each vehicle, so we can pick them up as they land.

WoW, Ulduar, Repair Bill, Hunter

Mai Repair Bill :o

Then, you have roflcopter which fires their machine gun at your siege weapon that needs to be taken out by the Steam Engine’s Weapon Officer.

So yea, we wiped :D cuz our 1st round, no one know how to shoot people up balcony and… we all got rocket launchered. (Or… we just didn’t had the heart to shoot out our guildies to their death :o)

PS: A nice repair bill too on the right! OK lets continue!

So second time around, I’m the Weapon Officer :D oh man I’d rather shoot :D it’s fun xD I was bombing the hell out of the boss.

We defeated it on 2nd try and DING! My first Emblem of Conquest! =)

Razor Scale, Ulduar, Patch 3.1, WoW

Razor Scale Down!!

We then went to poke Razor Scale, a wyrm. He wasn’t difficult. It was a slight tank and spank with trash mobs to kill. Just got to know what to kill and how to split DPS. The most nasty thing is, while you are trying to kill stuff, he fires fireball at you. Kinda like WyrmBlast in FFXI, but it’s single targeted and can be anyone. It’s got a tiny AoE radius and does roughly the same damage as… Hurricane Wing.

This was all Tuesday (yes, haven’t had time to type it up), so I hope you enjoy the SS dump. My guild probably went on and did a little bit more Ulduar without me… (was busy irl =_=;) so probably kill a few more bosses! However, I will be on tonight and check it out :D

To end it, Ima post a few other screenies of my last encounter: The XT002-Deconstructor and the new VoA.

Considering a purchase on FigurePrints.

Anyway cheers! More Ulduar when I have time!

Quick Razor Scale Strat

I can’t remember exactly, but I remember splitting into 2 groups of DPS, left and right. We engage watchers first then the other. When he lands, we ignore all adds and I was suppose to DPS the boss. You got to get it down to 50% before 5min or he goes Enrage. If you get it down below 50% within 5min, then its all urs to DPS. :)

That’s as much as I remember :D

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  1. Etain says:

    GDIAF, Horde filth! D:

    We’re doing Ulduar-10 tonight (I have to heal *cry*). I am absolutely terrified.

    Also, I hate seige weapon battles. D: Gonna be an interesting evening.

  2. Maiev says:

    I hope you have fun with your siege weapons!!! ^^

  3. Jesper says:

    Hey mate!!!,, can you telk me waht the name is on you pet?,, and were can i get it ? :O


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