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WoW Patch 2.4: Sunwell Isle

WoW Patch 2.4 Trailer: Sunwell Isle The WoW Patch 2.4 next Tuesday! Although I really don’t have the time for two games.. in fact I’ve already stop the WoW subscription but… its still nice to know how addicting it is :x I actually do wanna re-subscribe to WoW :x Well maybe a bit later when […]

WotG vs WoW BC Thoughts!

ToAU Adventuring! So pretty sure people read reviews around the internet about WotG, not that great~ some websites gave like 5.5/10 too but… IMO they really didn’t “play” the game long enough to make any judgment (bias… is what I’m trying to say). So… I gave myself a good 6 weeks of playtime before I […]

WoW’s Arena PvP in FF Language

Season 3 of Arena Majeev’s new Title! Challenger! Arena Season 2 in World of Warcraft just ended a week ago. When a tournament ends in Warcraft II or Starcraft, prizes are given to the top players and the ladder resets again! Apparently, my prize was a new title O.o in World of Warcraft. If you’re […]

Karazhan and Bosses (Explained in FF Language)

Karazhan Accomplishment! Karazhan’s Exterior! Karazhan (a.k.a Kara) is the first end-game content that anyone will have to encounter if you play World of Warcraft (WoW): The Burning Crusade. Just like Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), when you ding Lv65, you can technically join up with a dynamis to start enjoying end-game content. In WoW, you have […]

Raiding in WoW (Explained in FF Language)

The WoW End-Game Experience Raiding in World of Warcraft ^^; WoW end-game is about Raids. Not camping HNM or farming gold, just Raids! Raids is anything above a party requirement (FFXI is 6 for party, WoW is 5). When you are in a raid (or alliance equilvalent in FFXI), you gain significant less exp, but […]