WoW Patch 2.4: Sunwell Isle

WoW Patch 2.4 Trailer: Sunwell Isle

The WoW Patch 2.4 next Tuesday!

Although I really don’t have the time for two games.. in fact I’ve already stop the WoW subscription but… its still nice to know how addicting it is :x I actually do wanna re-subscribe to WoW :x Well maybe a bit later when I have control of my free time :x Anyway.. lets go over what WoW’s doing in the FF language ;)

Details of WoW Patch 2.4 in FFXI Language

First of all, they are expanding end-game. Its kind of like adding an extra dynamis after Dynamis-Tavaznia (although Dynamis isnt’ really end-game to begin with …or near the difficulty of WoW Raids) Well um… you can treat it like adding an extra Salvage zone too if you like to see it that way :) However, Sunwell Isle is considered a Tier 6.5 but not exactly Tier 7 equipment (which will be in next expansion). Its there to keep those people like me dreaming xD… To the right is the Sunwell Isle Trailers… yea.. its this big of a patch. Patches in WoW is serious business xD

On top of new Raids (PvE), they’ve also added new PvP Content. They created a new server call Arena Tournament Realm! (Ballista Server). When you walk in, you get Lv70 (Lv75 in FFXI), with all NPC beside you with all the equipment you ever dream of. So if you pick RDM, the NPC beside the starting area are ready to hand out “Free Duelist Chapeau +1” xD So you can get all your dream equipment :) You will have unused Talent Point and free re-spec (Unlimited Merits in FFXI). So you might ask what’s the point?

PvP in Arena Tournament isn’t about who got better gear. By taking the gear factor out (giving everyone their dream gear), then only skill matters in that tournament realm (server). I think its a pretty nice addition to this Patch. For those people that understands the WoW language, you can read more about arena tournament here.

The UI of WoW is also getting it re-engineered :3 The combat chat log (which I already thought its extremely good… well versus FFXI)… is getting a further enhancement by adding the ability to break down where messages are coming from, further categorize messages so say Pet damage is now also broken down into “Your Pets” or “Other’s Pets”!

Anyway, I got to go out :3, 2 parties to go this weekend… and I gotta prep for both xD

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  1. Keiffa says:

    Wow that looks like a cool update. I sometimes miss WoW. I played around with it for a bit. I really liked the Hunter class. ^^ When I see posts like this, I almost want to start up with it again, don’t make me do it! <,<


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