Karazhan and Bosses (Explained in FF Language)

Karazhan Accomplishment!

Karazhan, World of Warcraft, WoW

Karazhan’s Exterior!

Karazhan (a.k.a Kara) is the first end-game content that anyone will have to encounter if you play World of Warcraft (WoW): The Burning Crusade. Just like Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), when you ding Lv65, you can technically join up with a dynamis to start enjoying end-game content. In WoW, you have to be Lv70.

Its like FFXI, when a Dynamis linkshell beats Dynamis Jeuno, its consider a great achievement. In WoW, its about a Guild beating Karazhan. Not to mention, it’s also your 1st opportunity to get your hands on Tier 4 Euipment (AF2 equivalent in FFXI), and also puts your Guild to the test.

My Guild (Authority), was created roughly 2 weeks ago, and this was a great accomplishment to both the Guild and myself, to beat the 1st “Newbie” end-game content! So anyway.. lets talk… WoW in FFXI Language!

Oh yea ^^; The reason I’m kinda doing this is.. knowing some of you will never play WoW, thought I’d at least give you an insights of WoW, I mean afterall its a topic that 9 million players know about :D I’ll continuously write when I get to experience more xD! Anyway, if you’re one of those readers, read on!

Karazhan Raid:

Karazhan, World of Warcraft, WoW

Karazhan’s Prince Malchezaar!

Although Karazhan doesn’t require 64 people to clear, but it does drop AF2 (2-3 pieces of it). There’s AF3 (Eye/SSC) and AF4 (Battle of Mt. Hyjal/Black Temple!)! Anyway… belows are screenies of Karazhan bosses being defeated ^^; I yell on vent xD! Similar situation to err… Trutle Dynamis beats their first Dynamis-Lord xD!!

These two are both classified as Karazhan bosses (Left is Nightbane, Right is Prince Malchezaar) but their difficulty is already at the level lets say… Nightbane = KS99 Wyrm “pre-merit days” and Prince = Diablo CoP mission + Fenrir fight.

Lets try to explain the difficulty of these bosses.. in FF language!

Nightbane Fight:

Back in merit-less days, fighting Fafnir does require a full 18. A tank party would consists of 2 tanks, rdm, brd, 2x whm/smn. The whm/smn would Garuda blink whenever its up (hopefully nicely spaced out) while we tank them on his feet. An important aspect of Fafnir is, we need to learn how to avoid taking damage, hence the usage of Stoneskin after Hurricane Wing.

Karazhan, World of Warcraft, WoW, Nightbane

Nightbane in Karazhan!

In WoW’s Nightbane, he constantly opens Charred Earth, where the ground burns and anyone on top of it takes 1500 damage per second (works out to be around 250dmg/sec in FFXI), its critical you are aware and move out immediately.

What makes this fight significantly harder than FFXI’s Wyrm fight is when it switches between phases. In FFXI, when Wyrm KS99 flies up, they do Wyrm Blast that hits for huge damage… well in WoW, the Rain of Bones does the same effect, except when the “Blast” lands, its actually skeleton adds that you have to kill! Also, when it lands, hate resets! Therefore, a Hunter in WoW with Misdirect (Thief in FFXI, with SATA), must be ready to pass hate onto tank right away. Everything is also much quicker, so responses matters! The boss has a lot of HP, and it took us 15 minutes of no fuckups gameplay to win that fight.

The Prince Malchezaar Fight: (Right Screenshot)

This fight is definately much more crazy, anything I’ve seen in FFXI. There’s a few thing about this boss…

Enfeeble (Ability): Lowers everyone in the raid except the person with highest threat (hopefully a tank LOL) HP down to ONE (1) for 7 seconds. That means… if you pull hate, you instantly die… after 7 seconds, your HP returns to normal. This is crazy shit…

Prince Malchezaar's Inferno Position

Prince Malchezaar’s Inferno Position!

Inferno: AoE an area for 1500dmg/sec (250dmg/sec in FFXI) until the boss dies. More inferno will continue to spawn throughout the fight! This is like Diablo fight, except in FFXI, there are 3 patterns of how the tiles falls, but in WoW, the danger zone is completely randomized. That means yes, you need to focus on your job but you need to also focus on your surroundings. Unlike FFXI, you can “work out” the safe spot, thus just stand there to kill the Diablo in CoP fight.

Your danger zone develops randomly as the fight goes on, as you see in our killing screenshot, one spawn right next to us, but we just went all out (dangerous move!) A typical danger zone development might be something below…

Again, its completely randomized, and on our first fight, we had an Inferno between our tanks and healers, and we were totally cut off, thus causing a wipe. Our second try was.. 4k crushing blow (~650dmg in FFXI) 3 times… and tank just died.. pure BS and bad luck (which makes it similar to a Fenrir fight, unlucky crits can turn out bad!).. but we got it on our 3rd try. Surprisingly :) I’m top in DPS ^^; (Damge per second, meaning winning the parser =P)

A little Surprise!

the StarOnion, Maiev, Hunter, Class Officer

A Class Officer for Guild!

A lot of healing equipment dropped… :/ no bow! But whatever, it felt like I really accomplish something :) & best part ^^; my Guild Master (LS Leader) think I did really good and prompt me to Sackholder (Class Officer) ^^; I can teach other Hunters how to play WooT!

Our guild is going to be like my previous HNMLS style, 35-45 skillful players (To get into this guild, you have to Player versus Player the Guild Master…. test your reaction / thinking lol…), that has the desire to do end-game!

Oh… and the best part.. yea I was top DPS for Prince and 2nd for Nightbane, but I actually didn’t even had a single Tier 4 Equipment (A single piece of AF2 equivalent to FFXI) xD, a little bit of thinking is all that’s required :) I’ll explain it someday, but its down to “maximizing damage”!

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    I am willing to challenge Cus’s claim that hunters cant do good dmg in Raids. Maybe it’s just hard for them comparing to those who played FF who has knowledge in how to squeeze every dmg possible.

    Well see when i’m lv70, maybe things will be different hahaah, but so far i’m still owning BG parsers EFFORTLESSLY. =D


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