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DuckHUNT’s Divine Might

DuckHUNT just did Divine Might Quest for all the duckies who needed it or who needed to redo it. …wahh, of course i did it already =P. I just had to redo it to get a new earring =). I had the abyssal earring before. i’m still deciding between the suppa or gk earring. btw, […]

3/3 Marduk Jubbah!

omggggggggg!! i finally completed my marduk body!! I was missing the 25 Ea’s Doublet from Armored Chariot 3/3 on marduk pieces!  (Lsgsave Completed Piece # 61!) sorry, no SS =/. my game randomly crashes whenever i hit print screen, so i didn’t want to risk it.  I’m currently working on collected all the materials for […]

The RDM – BRD Choice

The RDM – BRD Choice

This morning i got a random /tell while lfp on BRD. i did a /sea all Kasati and found him to be a lvl 37 whm. So i was like ehh…not another gil seeker when he asked “Can I ask u something.” but soo yah, he goes and ask me which is better endgame, rdm […]

Another CC Model!

Another cc model!!!!! {found it} Found them doing campagin battle lol ^_^

New Years Wishes and Goals for Sakurakun!

After playing WHM for almost 2 years I still feel my whm is incomplete. there’s several things i still want for my whm: Weapons the templar mace is pretty good in conjunction with the numinous shield. but i probably wont get the templar mace until i can get some time to get hellknight to craft […]