The RDM – BRD Choice

This morning i got a random /tell while lfp on BRD. i did a /sea all Kasati and found him to be a lvl 37 whm. So i was like ehh…not another gil seeker when he asked “Can I ask u something.” but soo yah, he goes and ask me which is better endgame, rdm or brd.

idk, i dont like telling ppl what jobs to lvl. i think it’s more of a preference you have to decide.� I like both jobs even though i play brd more than rdm. but only because brd make exp parties easier and faster.

but so yah, why this post? i kind of felt bad i didnt give good advice for this fellow adventure. >_<. but both jobs can be played so differently depending on the type of player you are. but i didnt get a sense of the type of player he was, so it was hard to tell him to play this job or that that job.

but here’s my view of each job:


  • lots of micro management (haste, cures, dispell and various other enfeebling spells)
  • good back up when a whm isnt available
  • can solo mobs and NMs occasionally
  • have sword and dagger skills


  • Great for exp/merit parties. always guarantee a invite in 15 minutes ^_^
  • takes skills pulling mobs and keeping chain going
  • kind of repeative – singing same songs over and over again

He doesn’t get it, just full of fail.

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