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The Stick Up His Butt

Finally a good time to leave Dynamis {rofl} Wow, the linkshell that thinks that owns us and honestly has a stick up their butt. after run with Frypan over a year, this how they treat members. that linkshell lose members every run and always have fresh new face each run. their retention of members is […]

Sakurakun’s Clothcrafter Gouge

Wow…what an update for Clothcrafters! I’m a lvl 94 clothcrafter and i’ve been trying to get myself through the next synthesis gap from 94 to 98. and bam…this update came along! i really hate these updates because things always get inflated and they always mess up ppl who are trying to skill up on crafts. […]

Wedding Application #2

I redid the the wedding application for my two fwens – Jingex and Ravynne. This time i saw a new option available in the wedding service application…or at least i think it’s new. haha…i put down Mandau and Claustrum as weapon choice for Jingex (Brd) and Ravynne (Blm) =P. I wonder if they’ll let them […]

Happy Bday Ciermel + Drops!

Happy Bday Ciermel + Drops!

I dont know if i’ll complete before the day is over, but today is Ciermel’s birthday ^_^ so happy birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yah, today was really busy for us. we spent most of the day getting AFs for our jobs. we got the those gloves for my drk from The Eldieme Necropolis and the smn […]

Timed Poke Attacks!!!

Another JoL event. if anyone knows, it’s a marathon event. and we get many visitors and today it was Scragg!! hehe… /POKE ATACCK!!! lol look at hellknight poking too!! he’s tanking JoL!! btw, torque drop again! 3rd in a row =P