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Another Wedding for Shayx/Drguinnessx

Apparently i got lucky twice!! here’s another one of my application that went through for shayx and drguinnessx. it’s in a different area from where i applied jingex and ravy so i cant wait ^_^!! i’m like the JLo of our LS lol (reference from the Wedding Planner)

Jingex and Ravynne’s Wedding

Hhaha, i’m a bit late posting this pics! sowwie!! Overall, it went really well. this was my first ffxi wedding so i was a bit nervous coordinating everything. we had “some” hiccups in the beginning like… yes, that was Jing d/c at his own wedding >_>;; ….but that was pre-wedding preps {poor ravynne}. if that […]

Sakurakun reaches Clothcraft 95.1

i’m starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. i’m almost there, but it’s still gonna be a long way before i’m close to 100. i have stockup on rainbow threads/rainbow cloth again…farming time!

Chronicles of Lenneth Pt. 1

Chronicles of Lenneth… what’s it all about? I haven’t blog for a while for nothing sparks my interest. So what is different this time? Well, first of all, it’s all about Lenneth… so no CCtalu. And this time, something has definitely given me the enthusiasm to write again. NMs… Notorious Monsters… what is about them […]

The Punching Talu!

i’m currently lvling monk as my 10th 75 job and it’s currently at lvl 55. i’m trying to find something positive to say about the job, but it’s really laid back. meaning, there isnt a lot to focus on in exp parties. the only macros i hit are my ws macro, focus/dodge/berserk and boost. and […]