The Punching Talu!

i’m currently lvling monk as my 10th 75 job and it’s currently at lvl 55. i’m trying to find something positive to say about the job, but it’s really laid back. meaning, there isnt a lot to focus on in exp parties. the only macros i hit are my ws macro, focus/dodge/berserk and boost. and most of the time i sit there waiting for my TP to hit 100%. the best time i had were when i stole hate from the tank and tanked the mob myself ^_^. i’m not trying to put the job down at all, but it isnt macro intense as other jobs that i have lvled.

the gear that i have kind of feel gimp. but supposedly from many equipment guide written, those are the best till lvl 70 equipments. i hope im not reading outdated guides ^_^””…..

but one of the few thing i like about the job is chi-blast. MNK looks like one of those characters from Dragon Ball lol!! i dont know that they call that move, but chi-blast looks like it a lot =P. i was gonna put that name in my macros, but i thought it might annoy ppl a lot. beside that, it’s the only reason why i’m getting exp in besieged and campaign battles. but the downside to it is recast time/damage kind of makes it sad. if SE made the recast time like 1 min, it would be a alternative job for pulling…granted if u go mnk/nin

but anyway, my original reasons for lvling mnk:

  • hand-to-hand skills
  • Asuran Fists (back-flipping taru!!!!)
  • byakko hadiate (kind of gather dust after lvling sam)
  • guarding skills for my pld (15th or 14th job)

lol, those are a bunch of silly reason to lvl a job, but it works for me lol =P. i think i might try drg or rng for my next job.

p.s. i would like to thank ciermel a lot for her added support in the game!!! she’s truly the nicest talu ^_^. oh, ciermel is redoubling efforts to lvl blu to 75! go go go talu ^_^!!


btw…i hate april fools. everyone playing horrible jokes >=|

maiev, slycer, jingex >_>;;

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  1. Jowah says:

    MNK is AWESOME, especially on taru. Sometimes I enjoy playing Kerbs mnk -i cant wait to hit 75- and taru kicks <3

    Gear is pretty lame, before 70 you don’t have so many option and everything is looking like real crap :\


  2. Jackalman says:

    Saku, I don’t intend this to be mean at all, but rather a totally serious question…

    How much time do you spend playing this game every day? I know you’re great w/ attendance at events, and to have 9 jobs already at 75 and MNK now at 55… how do you possibly have time for it all? I can only imagine that you literally play all day long.

    Again, I’m really just curious, b/c I don’t know anythign about you outside of FFXI. Do you have a job? go to school? family commitments? or just marathon FFXI every day?

  3. Sakurakun says:

    lvling jobs isnt hard at all. some dont like to whatever reasons. but i love it. it just me new perspective to every job i play. and i only spend like on average like 3hrs or less exping..less time than i spend for events. there’s isnt secret or magic behind it. just put your flag up or make a pt up yourself =P

    some ppl spend their time farming for gil. some ppl spend their time farming for the best gear. other spend their time with their significant other in the game me, i spend my time exping ^_^.

    ps. i’m a senior at NYU stern and have been doing a p/t internship for the past year. i keep a strict schedule each day and that why i’m a bit upset when things run late in game =X. the only thing that keeps me together is coffee and my bf…..err maybe i should put my bf first then coffee =P


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