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Ciermel’s first MB on Blue Mage!

i got a party today at Yhoatar jungle and we camped at the secret area. i noticed i can do MB at lvl 28 so i tried it. i was so happy that i can finally do magic burst in a party. here’s some shots. of curs everything was doing great til a white lizzie […]

Ciermel’s FF Friends on Fenrir

here’s a collection of pics of my fwens in ff, i still treasure the memories we have together ^^ Ciermel and Inorelin, we share a lot of great experience in our linkshell. Maiev and I shared a wealth of experience, from newbie 2003 till endgame. We had a lot of wonderful times together. CC and […]

Ciermel’s crafting levels

ciertalu luvs to craft too! her main guild is the carpentry guild or a.k.a. woodworking. but she also has to lvl the other sub skills if she wanna be the bestest woodworker in fenrir. below is the list of the guild and what her current skill level is. if u want her to synth you […]

Ciermel’s Twin Taru on Fenrir

Ciermel talu character is a very rare model. that’s why when i see a talu who looks like her, i would wave or smile at�her and normally, takes a pic of them. here is my collection so far. unfortunately, there are 2 talus i dont have pic coz they stopped playing now, their names are […]

The one Crafter To Rule Them all

So this here is the guild of the…well its infested with Turk members yeah i come there often to hang out with other turks and Cier-talu likes to come there too and craft shes an enforcer by the way she does not need to speak she just takes care of her contracts when given and […]