Ciermel’s crafting levels

Ciermel TaruTaru's Crafting, FFXI Fenrir

ciertalu luvs to craft too! her main guild is the carpentry guild or a.k.a. woodworking. but she also has to lvl the other sub skills if she wanna be the bestest woodworker in fenrir. below is the list of the guild and what her current skill level is. if u want her to synth you something don’t hesitate to send her a tell ^^

woodworking�������-��������Adept�������� -�������� 80��������� -���������Cabinet�til 83

cooking�������������� -������� Journeyman� -�������� 60�����

clothcraft������������-������� Novice����������-���������30

leathercraft���������-������� Initiate���������-�������� 21�

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