Ciermel’s FF Friends on Fenrir

here’s a collection of pics of my fwens in ff, i still treasure the memories we have together ^^

Ciermel and Inorelin, we share a lot of great experience in our linkshell.

Ciermel, Inorelin, TaruTaru FFXI of Fenrir

Maiev and I shared a wealth of experience, from newbie 2003 till endgame. We had a lot of wonderful times together.

Maiev and Ciermel, TaruTaru FFXI of Fenrir

CC and Shumi, CoP adventure and town fun!

Shumi and Ciermel, TaruTaru FFXI of Fenrir

— Here are cc’s other friends —

Poppasmurf, Ciermel, TaruTaru FFXI of Fenrir Server/></div>
<div class=Zimph Ciermel, TaruTaru FFXI of Fenrir Server
Lunjai and Ciermel, FFXI TaruTaru of Fenrir Server
Azir and Ciermel, FFXI Fenrir Server
Ddbone and Ciermel, FFXI Fenrir Server, TaruTaru
Rican Ciermel, FFXI Fenrir Server
Omen Linkshell, FFXI Fenrir Server, Maiev

6 Responses to “Ciermel’s FF Friends on Fenrir”

  1. Kairenai says:

    Ooooohhh… im not in here, im a noob. Sadness…

  2. Ciermel says:

    awww, kaire solly talu, when u log in next time we take a pic ok? /cheer ^^

  3. P-Smurf says:

    Weeeeee, very koo blog guys!
    /sigh, I miss my old Smurf-gear, I’m just a nub pup now.

  4. Jackalman says:


    CC how could you leave me out?!?!? I DEMAND a pic of us wearing Marduk’s Dastanas together be posted here. ^^

  5. Ciermel says:

    oh hey Jack sure lol ^^


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