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Ciermel’s 1st SATA on Blue Mage!

yay im lvl 30 now and i subbed thf and i get sneak attack. i tried it with�this party at yhoatar jungle and here’s the result ^^ first i tried SA battledance and SA claw cyclone but im only averaging 80 damage. then i switched to bludgeon and i liked it much better ^^

Inorelin’s LOLPup =)

So i was leveling my pup lately its 18 now all solo lol i dont want to PT, PT’s bore me sometimes and i like to do stuff on my own and pup is a good job for doing stuff on your own…so i changed him to look like a wizard i love hannyas hat, […]

Ciermel got Puppetmaster!

cctalu and inoretalu ( aka inoroon ) went on a pup questing. it was loads of fun and cc is grateful to Inore for helpin her get the questy done, here’s a pic of cc with puppet ^^ but of curs, dat is not the highlight of the quest. here is cc and inore eating […]

Ciermel Spell Shopping with Maiev!

� once again me and maitalu went to go spell learning for blue mage job. it took us like almost to one hour to learn the spells but we had fun too ^^ btw my blu is lvl 30� now :D i love maimai


so i did my first 2 besieged thingys today…man it was fun besides all the lag that is but it was not that bad…at first i was observing everything from the 2nd level…talked with couple of npc generals they are weird but i guess we have to protect them during the fight in order to […]