Ciermel’s 1st SATA on Blue Mage!

Ciermel SA on Blue Mage, FFXI TaruTaru of Fenrir

yay im lvl 30 now and i subbed thf and i get sneak attack. i tried it with´┐Żthis party at yhoatar jungle and here’s the result ^^ first i tried SA battledance and SA claw cyclone but im only averaging 80 damage. then i switched to bludgeon and i liked it much better ^^

2 Responses to “Ciermel’s 1st SATA on Blue Mage!”

  1. Maiev says:

    lol ur ss’s so WEIRD looking, looks like ur falling off a chair xD

  2. Ciermel says:

    yeah i know but hey it’s cool lol


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