Inorelin’s LOLPup =)

Inorelin, TaruTaru, Puppetmaster, FFXI Fenrir

So i was leveling my pup lately its 18 now all solo lol i dont want to PT, PT’s bore me sometimes and i like to do stuff on my own and pup is a good job for doing stuff on your own…so i changed him to look like a wizard i love hannyas hat, i choose name hannya for my pup beacuse there was a char named Hannya in Rurouni Kenshin…he died but he was cool yeah lol…anyway the demon is still onto me as you can see gets freaky at times i woke in my mog house´┐Ż1 time and hes standing there with bottle of sake and asks ME when i have arrived into his house i was like”oro?!”

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