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Dancing Talus!

Wow, tarutarus in motion!!! so that’s what i’ll look like dancing lol =P …may not want to watch to the end of the clip @[email protected];; {barf}

Auction House Blunders @_@

Auction House Blunders @[email protected]

I’m sure everyone had an “auction house blunder” once a while….where we accidentally over bid for an item simple because we got careless and wasnt paying enough attention. Here’s one that i found when i was buy silk thread. poor yoha…. buying single silk threads for 10.3k each…..i think they were trying to buy a […]

Harassing SohJai the Relic Samurai!

OMG >_<…i was bazaaring my NQ Dany Spectacles for 200k as a joke seeing how no one in their right mind would buy it when it’s going for only 10k on the AH and that u can quest them really easily. So anyway, I was going to dbox them to my mule so they could […]

chachu’s moghouse!

/sigh i need an interior decorator

Wings of the Goddess

Wings of the Goddess

Crystal War Revisited sooo…another fun SE event!! suppose object is to collet crystals….sounds simple enough! where supposely a nm called Warder Partisn pops. Apparently we can only collect 6 crystals per game day and u can get 2 crystal from touching (from tougher tiers) so off we go to Castle Oztroja (I-8) @ 2nd floor […]