Wings of the Goddess

Crystal War Revisited

sooo…another fun SE event!!

suppose object is to collet crystals….sounds simple enough! where supposely a nm called Warder Partisn pops. Apparently we can only collect 6 crystals per game day and u can get 2 crystal from touching (from tougher tiers)

so off we go to Castle Oztroja (I-8) @ 2nd floor

apparently…getting the HQ is gonna take a bit of our time…. stay tune

(Darkblood is one of those ppl who need to be on that show – What Not to Wear)

our NQ glasses…but they look like HQ

so it looks like this quest will take a long time……. apparently doing the higher tier NMs are a bit too difficult. so we decided to go to Giddeus (E-12) to kill the Warder Liberato. When we got there, it seem like cc missed the earlier pop and didnt get the earlier 3 shards from the dead nm. =(…

meanwhile, i decided to fix up my mog house…it looks ugly =(
looks like i need more tables, desk, chairs etc al…

only funiture i’m proude to have is that bed over there =D

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