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The Chain300 Guide! [Tsunade]

The Chain300 Guide! [Tsunade]

The Art of Exping (a simple guide from a taru to a taru) Before we begin, let me (Maiev) introduce the writer below :) I didn’t write this, Tsunade (Fenrir server) did. So what’s Tsunade doing here? For all those that have been an exp whore when ToAU came out, I’m sure you would have […]

Bijuo, Enfeebling Research!

What’s going on in-game! Not too much, did a few bcnm a few days ago b4 I went to watch a movie :3 poop drop! When you are in an LS with a bunhc of xp whore, you tend to get asked for bc a lot more! 4 stacks of KS to go! npnp! I�d […]

Jowah’s Cross-server love!

PS: Sorry, blog engine went a bit Emo on some stuff >

Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;

Jowah’s ffxi cosplay piccies! Sooo adorable so go see it –> Trying to burn KS I didn’t really sponser any KS99 back when I was in Omen, didn’t really need the gil back then so now… I have nearly 4.8 stacks of KS. Went to ask around and ugh.. Scraggy told me about the Scarlet […]

Novio, Blue Mage Chat and Istari…

A week in review! Guess what job is Etain! She’s one of the Fenrir Bloggers too if you didn’t know ^^; Its weird, you become friends to them ‘-‘ just by reading their blogs! Its magic of the Windy Talus! hehe. Speaking of Windy citizen, I never knew, Heavens Tower got a basement x__x Oh […]