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Random Ix�Mnk Solo�(Lv75)

Unprepared Ix’Mnk Solo… Seriously, I didn’t even thought about soloing it at all… I was just fighting my way around, got an HQ Aern Organ. Eventually I was near 2nd floor and was about to warp for Salvage. I was curious if the ??? was there and surprisingly, it was there so I asked Istari… […]

70 bag space still isn’t enough ._.

Bigger Goby Bag 68 of 70 bag space, still failing! It really isn’t enough… but its better now, at least I can bring my nuking gear with me. Before, I had to take out all Elemental Stuff… Thunder Staff… pretty much my Elemental set. Not able to nuke pretty much took some fun out of […]

Dead ducks falling in Love.

Ducks’ 3rd Jailer of Love The JoL Experience At first we had um… 2 WHM RDM BRD 2 TANK, and blm army was… 3 BL,M 1 BRD 1 RDM… rest are random… we held JoL nicely but BLM cannot nuke down the sharks… so we wipe simply because lack of BLM power. We had 16 […]

Jailers, DuckHUNT PvP, Lvling WoW Hunter!

Some random updates Spent a bit of time making something different. Its “Wings of the Goddess” soon, so thought I’d use some of the new screenshots as background for the portal. I wanted to use 3ds to render these images, but then I recently upgraded my hard drive, so the program won’t run :/ I […]

Stun, Gravity and Binds!

Mastering in Stun, Gravity and Binds! “You must not fight with the same enemy for too long, or you’ll teach him everything about the art of PvP” One of the most exciting thing about WoW is the World PvP. You aren’t fighting AI’s, but real people. AI’s are program by human, and can only be […]