70 bag space still isn’t enough ._.

Bigger Goby Bag

Goby Bag, 70, Fenrir, Maiev, FFXI, the StarOnion

68 of 70 bag space, still failing!

It really isn’t enough… but its better now, at least I can bring my nuking gear with me. Before, I had to take out all Elemental Stuff… Thunder Staff… pretty much my Elemental set.

Not able to nuke pretty much took some fun out of the game. All I do is Cures :/

10 space sure helped out I mean… what’s worst than keep getting equipment and not able to use them because of limitation from bag space… but still, I can’t carry any of my Obis (and I have 6 =.=), Warp Cudgels, Poison Pots, Remedy (I used to carry em xD).

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is cuz… I think female players have a lot of junk in their bag. I’ve seen Cier and Tazo’s inventory, its scary and you wouldn’t want to take another peek at it xD. Its all like town clothes… fireworks, event stuff… Tazo even have 2 of the same flute, one was signed, one wasn’t signed but was crafted by a friend without a signature crystal -.-”

No wonder SE don’t give us more bag space! They look at Tazo’s inventory and was like… meh, if she cleaned her bag space, then she would have had much more usable space, so no demand to add space atm!

I do have stuff that aren’t always used. You can argue a few pieces … like the 10 Earrings lol… but hay, at least its not stuff like Fireworks, not used as often but, they do come in handy in some situations.


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  1. Dalx says:

    Recently I recived my Dalm =) and from the past like 4-5months I’ve been reading your blog here and there. Since I got my dalm now, is it possible if you can send me or tell me where I can get that Blue and Black Dalm dat? ^^; Thanks

  2. Maiev says:

    =P must hav missed the post 2 weeks ago :) but here it is ^^


  3. Dalx says:

    Oh, I read it before, I didnt know the link was actually the “Blue Dalm” word, hehe ^^;

    Thanks :D

  4. Calaera says:

    ;x I wish I had the luxury to lug around town gear, opaline set, etc etc… BRD gear (CHR, MP, different foods for different situations, and a few pieces for small parties) makes me have only 1 – 9 slots for drops with just 60. ;o; I want like… 100 slots. Then I’d be really, really happy and could be lazy forever and ever and ever. ;\

  5. Calaera says:

    Waaaaaait. o.o; Isn’t 80 new and 70 old? /confused Oh well! I had the old max cap and will probably have the new cap filled in like… 5 min. ;x

    Edit: aha. This is why I got confused. ;x http://www.bluegartrls.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=26062

  6. Maiev says:

    hehe, they had 80 during fanfest but if you keep reading that thread, SE say it cannot be implemented due to PS2 limitations AGAIN

    I havta say… 70 slots make this game much more fun ^_^ its like ipod, u hav all ur music with you :)

    WoW 20slot bags ftw xD

  7. Jowah says:

    loltown gear.
    (Talks the one who’s holding wedding set+ring and a couple of useless itamz :3)


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