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Exping Mai Lv68 Blue Mage!

ZOMG exping @ Bibiki Bay is SOO slow :/ I guess slow, but at least good xD, the thf was pretti good I must say :) Well basically PTing with me = good :o As usual, I end my party with a 1k Needles xD Parser Results

13 Blue Spell in 6hrs!

After not learning any spell in besiege… I was kinda like AFKing (in the Ogazn besiege party). Luckily, Yusuisum and Saykura kindly offer their time to help me out with annoying blu spells ‘~”. So together with Yusuisum, Saykura, Eeto (on Cata), and myself (2boxing Maiev and Sohjai). We went to Bha Thickets and learned […]

Invite as soon as I login ‘~”

damn weekdays are better xD! well not really, I know Shunzi that’s why :o It was a nice party xD everyone had fun. But I was kind of high :.> Also, I bought the Pallas Bracelets ‘~”. So that kind of increaes the damage cap. Parser Results

Ding Windurst Rank 10!

First of all, Dota ppl are not gilsellers, they are too cute to be one ‘~”. Well if you know Klax, Rukky etc, they are the Dota ppl. Dota really stands for Defense of the Ancient, a mini-game in Warcraft 3 (The RTS game). Klax was some old-school PLD, back @ Lv60 rdm, he helped […]

Blue Mage is fun except…

minus the seeking party part -.-; I don’t like posting gear, but when there’s that many >.> I had to write some :( Luckily, I got picked over other Blue Mage (luck) xD, got into a nice party that lasted awhile. :) Parser Results It was fun :O! Two SkyPirateSharks ppl were PTing too :) […]