13 Blue Spell in 6hrs!

After not learning any spell in besiege… I was kinda like AFKing (in the Ogazn besiege party). Luckily, Yusuisum and Saykura kindly offer their time to help me out with annoying blu spells ‘~”.

Maiev, Sohjai, Catalyst, Saykura, Yusuisum, Colibri Exping, FFXI Taru of Fenrir

So together with Yusuisum, Saykura, Eeto (on Cata), and myself (2boxing Maiev and Sohjai). We went to Bha Thickets and learned ‘~”

  • Voracious Trunk (1.1), sum didn’t have enough, we walk a bit over and learned
  • Diamondhide (took a bit long) (1/8)
  • Enervation (took awihle too) (1/7)

Anyway, Yusuisum and Saykura was tired, so they took off. Eeto was like yo lets get more spells (I’m like wtf? You smoking the good shit?). Reason: I don’t have luck with spells. I didn’t think we would learn any. Anyway, having 2 previous run and not able to learn Spinal Cleave.

Went to Uleguerand Range and..

Frost Breath, Blue Mage, Maiev Taru FFXI of Fenrir

(Eeto was like shitt, I ate 1hr food, more!) then

Lowing, Blue Mage, Maiev Taru FFXI of Fenrir

and that was before the food wears off.

Eeto’s crack was still on so lol we went to Arrapago Reef and ….

Hysteric Barrage, Blue Mage, Maiev Taru FFXI of Fenrir

Tail Slap, Heat Breath, Firespit, Warmup, Amplification and finally, Cannonball (1/1)

Sorry I stop taking SS, its to the stage where Spell was… so easy LOL…

Thanks to Eeto and… Kraken Club ‘~”

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