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CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!

CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!

I haven’t been posting for awhile, was stressed out dealing with emo’s, anyhow!~ Time for some updates~ Sky/Sea in a wk for Cus Well not exactly from nothing to everything, but Vazhl -> Sea and ZM5 -> 13 in less than a week :) Pretty much 1/1 for all of the fights except moblin (2 […]

Horrible RDM – Marub

LOL 183 parrying first! Anyway, got an exp pt later that night, it was pretti nice at the start when I was playing Cus (he was driving home from girlfriend’s place), a DD had to leave, so I got on myself too on 2nd PC and start playing both. Parser Results´┐Ż

Patch Prep + Some Parrying Skillupz

was 10/10 but 8174/10000 so I went to solo some exp and hay :) parry skillup ‘~” and ya, I don’t think I’ll see this ever again anytime soon :(

Corsair DA/Crit Roll Pwns!

Enough said, no food, war sub (with Warcry) for a wooping 700 damage xD That’s without any gear switching too (Pure accuracy) Too bad no parry skillup ;;

Parry skillup sessions xD

Ding 180.0! But I think mourouche no longer gives me parry ; gotta find somewhere else to skillup now :<