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Melee – STR vs Attack

Melee Damage Formula: Damage = (D + fSTR) * pDIF D = Weapon Base Damage fSTR = number the represents our STR vs target VIT difference (note: there is lower and upper cap; see more info on fSTR here). pDIF = uses your attack and enemy defense to determine your damage lower and upper range. […]

Great Katana

The 4 most commonly compared Great Katana are (excluding Amanomurakumo): 1. Hagun: 75 DMG, 450 Delay, TP Bonus TP Bonus effect means it adds 100% TP to your TP when you use your weapon skill. The TP cap is still 300% TP, so a weapon skill at 200% – 300% TP with Hagun would all […]

SohJai’s Relic SAM Gear

TP Gear (6-Hit 100% TP, 22% Haste, no Food, no Hasso): A SohJai’s TP Gear with Amanomurakumo! Main: Amanomurakumo Ammo: Tiphia sting Sub: Pole Strap Head: Walahra turban (Haste +5%) Neck: Chivalrous chain (Store TP +1) Ear1/2: Bushinomimi / Brutal earring (Store TP +1) Body: Haubergeon +1 Hands: Dust Gloves +1 (Haste +4%) Ring1/2: Ulthalam’s […]

First Post from SohJai

Absolutely nothing! This Blog is where I put all my Tarutaru Samurai stuff!