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SohJai’s Trophy Case

Accomplishments: October 9, 2007 – Amanomurakum September 26, 2007 – Totsukanotsurugi August 29, 2007 – Usukane Sune-Ate August 28, 2007 – Tsukikazu Sune-Ate August 20, 2007 – Hoshikazu Kyahan August 19, 2007 – Hikazu Sune-Ate August 19, 2007 – Divine Fragment March 25, 2007 – Saotome Kabuto February 25, 2007 – Saotome Domaru February 21, […]

I’m sorry Tazo !

I just couldn’t resist … I laughed my head off here .. Tazo was fooling around with Maiden’s Virelai and succeeded with charm but soon after she lost charm she was charmed. So of course we all rush to engage Tazo .. Kinda sad I didn’t break 1k damage on her but oh wells.. it’s […]

Hoshikazu Kyahan

Thanks Lagsave! Got these last night with LagSave! Thanks all! Zhayolm Remnants was pretty fun rushing to the 4th floor, great leadership from Slycer bringing us there. Those Poroggo were so funny! Utsu 15 Feet from Lagsave! I was so happy when I saw the dops from Poroggo Madame, I was like “OMG FULL DROP”, […]

Hikazu Sune-ate !!

Hikazu Sune-Ate from Lagsave DROPS From Lagsave/Salvage This was very unexpected, I’ve heard and read how rare this Skirmish Pephredo was, I don’t think very much people had much hope. I’ve read people go through 7 of these NM without a single drop as well, so even popping one wouldn’t mean much. But we got […]

Divine Fragment !!!

Got my Divine Fragment!! Just got my fragment tonight at Dynamis-Xarcabard! Wooo! Thanks FryPan ! I’m one step closer to finishing relic ^^. I was a little worried at first since we let the Animated Tachi warp away. But we did it very well this time! We also killed Dynamis Lord after getting a Shadow […]