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Should FFXIAH Integrate Twitter?

Twittering for FFXIAH?! Tweeting the AH Twitter is a pretty weird place. For normal people, they’d tweet while they are in washroom taking a good dump, cutting hair, finish brushing their teeth, what they ate or more normal stuff like I’m shopping at XYZ, reading YYZ and meeting up with ZZZ tonight. Anyway… well Tweeting […]

Art Contest is rly.. JP ONRY.

Caught in Surprise Cake in Progress! by P-Taru I’m pretty fucking amazed in this year’s top prize. Although some might have a different opinion and preference. But lets say at least, #1 was really #1, and there was no 3ds Grass and Ram as 2nd. #1 was kinda what SE likes to see… how I […]

Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection!

Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection!

Maiev and Otak by Lurazeda/Otak [Updated: No longer updated here, I’ve transferred all the art on these two posts to another blog] Note: Due to the size of this post, the post has to be truncated into two separate post. You could find the other part of this post here. Mai FFXI Fan Art […]

Response to JPButton Questions (for WoW)

The Blizzard Style There has been quite a big buzz for what ElmerthePointy posted on his blog. Well… although most of the answers are pretty… expected. However, I bet you would not know how would a WoW player answers the similar question :) So yea, let me present you the WoW answers of Elmer’s questions. […]

Etain’s Bday Art by priestessofpie

Presents The Bardlet’s RL Birthday! First thing first :D This is the StarOnion’s 500th post :D! As always, thanks for your continuous support :D knowing that people still come keeps me writing XD (Although most of you are too shy to comment :D) Etain’s RL Present! Card + Drawing on 24″ x 36″ Etain and […]