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WoW: Alli Trash Rapes E-Life Funeral

Raping Someone’s E-Funeral?! Would you go Raid a Virtual Funeral? This happaned awhile ago, but here’s what really happened. A girl that plays WoW, die in real life due to a stroke :/ She was a really nice player and was very helpful in a Horde Guild. Anyway, so the guild member wanted to host […]

WoW and XI together?

I mean ya i’m all settled IRL but FFXI isn’t even motivating me to click the PlayOnline Icon… I can’t really think of other reason but I think my main reason is that I can’t deal with people who /random emo [Maiev] You can say I’m already at the breaking point I suppose… so there […]

World of Warcraft Documentary on Addiction

World of Warcraft Documentary on Addiction

I’ve came across a ton of these documentary, most are crap but some of them are pretty good and are dead-on to what they say. I have to say I was one point a victim of 2 MMORPG addiction. I’m glad that I have self control now at those addiction, but it is hard to […]