WoW and XI together?

I mean ya i’m all settled IRL but FFXI isn’t even motivating me to click the PlayOnline Icon… I can’t really think of other reason but I think my main reason is that I can’t deal with people who

/random emo [Maiev]

You can say I’m already at the breaking point I suppose… so there I go, giving WoW a second try. And I’m not the only one ‘-‘ Russta quit too, but at least I’m still giving FFXI a try!

WoW Downloader

But at least we know WoW GM and Developer DON’T SUCK.. they listen to their customers and…

iTunes Support!

Look! They support iTunes! When poor Strawberrie from Odin is just crying about it :(. It should be within a few post. I didn’t directly link to post else it will auto post -.-;

Anyway, going to be away for the weekend so cu babies next wk! (If FFXI motivates me to login), or if someone have some kind of weird Goldsmithing requests ^^;

2 Responses to “WoW and XI together?”

  1. Strawberrie says:

    That stupid iTunes has a s**tfit every time you run any other program. WoW is… another program. Hmm.

    I bet Blizzard is kicking themselves right now.

  2. mirith says:

    I’ve started WoW a couple of times too, I think mostly I do enjoy it.. its just kinda hard starting over again. I liked the soloableness of it.. but then again.. i hardly made any friends =/

    Hope ya stick with FFXI, maybe ya just need a new hobby :) Come level up bst with me! ;)


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