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KS99, Exping, Jar and Exping!

I know I know :( Its been awhile, well that’s because I’ve been kinda taking my blogging time to WoWing it up! I’m not taking my FFXI time to WoWing it up, just taking my Blogging time. FFXI’s still fun to a certain extent. I still goto all LS events, to keep it running ^_^; […]

Parrying Skillup – The End!

So I woke up… I saw a damn Wind Ore (Yes, buying damn Wind Ore / Wind Bead is like impossible)… so happy and… Yea.. I freaking broke it… G.G. I was pretty pissed… so I enclosed myself in Den of Rancor all day… Parrying Skillup…. and I got…

Einherjar Rocked!

So we did In-her-jar tonight. Rocked :) Last one was close too! We did Rossweisse Chamber! We got hounds and birds today! Rape the hounds, the random-pop NM and pull the boss. This boss took roughly 12 minutes. We had our KC dark as usual and the HP didn’t even dent lol! He did use […]

Parrying 241 – 257

Parrying Skillups! Its old, but thought I’d at least keep you up to date with evidence of my Parrying :) Its higher than that now but these post are per-typed, well most part of it. Keep going! :) And going… AND going… Hellknight and Lucious in my LS have cap parrying, but I’m getting close […]

Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!

First of all, Starcraft II is announced :) You can find the rest of the story right now with Update: Blizzard’s official website. Damn its soo cool!!! Next thing is Happy Birthday to Farkee ;) Age +1 & Coolness +1! So lets begin, crushing 2 weeks worth of posting into one. Yes, I […]