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Maiev Soloed Fenrir & Kraken Club Fun!

MaiTalu soloed Fenrir! That record is held by 6 other adventures, including Maiev! Damn right, soloed that bitch! Well vids comin, just haven’t had the time due to exam. Well since when you beat the BC, you cannot re-enter right away, so I had Ciermel to go SS for me! Comedy Gold Screenshot! XD! Here’s […]

Dia II, RDM Merit Points!

Maiev’s Tier II Merit Point Setup! New Merit Points setup! Some people ask why I did my specific upgrades in merit, here’s my explanation. First read the discusson on about red mage merits I’ve also previously tested Stoneskin and Phalanx Potency on this thread. Bio2 @ 220skill does 7dmg/tick Bio2 @ 276 skill does […]